Kit Davis and Co. have been thatching in the Oxfordshire and surrounding counties for 25 years. In the past we have thatched in Northern Ireland and have also been involved in projects as far afield as Holland, Germany, Taiwan and the USA.

National Society of Master ThatchersOxon Berk and Bucks Master Thatchers Association

Kit Davis is a member of the National Society of Master Thatchers and was Chairman and an Executive member for many years. He is also a member of the Oxon, Berks & Bucks Master Thatcher’s Association.

Kit Davis & Co repairing and rethatching the Globe Theatre, London

Kit Davis & Co recently undertook the repair and re-ridging of perhaps the world's most iconic thatched building, The Globe Theatre on London's Southbank. Against the backdrop of the crashing City of London, the world's press sent their photographers to see us! View more photos here...

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The Abbot HouseGreen FarmPark FarmhouseGlobe Theatrecombed wheet block and flush ridgecombed wheet flush ridgecombed wheet patterned ridgecombed wheet patterned ridgecombed wheet patterned ridgecombed wheet straight block ridgecombed wheet block patterned ridgewater reed patterned ridgewater reed block patterned ridgewater reed block ridge strawwater reed flush straw ridge

Kit Davis & Co. provide a complete thatch, repair and fire retardant service. Based in Oxfordshire we have worked as far afield as Taiwan and USA, and recently on the Globe Theatre, London. Use these links to view our award winning examples, Abbot House, and Park Farm House